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How QR codes are being used?

QR code which is abbreviation of Quick Response code is being used in many ways and many places. Basically it was made for naming/using products in industries for quick reading by computer.

As it is a very small application and can easily convert a smart mobile with a camera in a QR code scanner, it can have as big market as smart phones.

Any person can have a visiting card with a QR code which can help a person to call him without pressing numbers. You can have Name, Mobile Number etc...

In industries the product can be tagged with these QR codes so that they can easily read the DATA with QR scanner. They can enter date, times, parts etc...

As now a days many people are aware of QR code, now its being used as Marketing tool! By putting QR codes on banners, groceries, etc... a person can scan and visit the link with a click.

As a fashion it is also being used on clothes. You can have a print of QR code of your twitter or facebook profile on Shirts.

Do you want to have a QR code colored or animated? You can just get in contact with me on my email ID which is |soberz.net [at] gmail.com|

You can send me your DATA to my email as mentioned above with SUBJECT "Covert QR COde" In the message please mention all the things like the color your need, or the link of your website for matching colors etc.. This will help to make the QR code fastly and deliver it to you.

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