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Animated QR codes

Animated QR codes are codes which are having animation in it. It can be animated by filling few colors in it and chaning the colors of it. Animated QR codes are actually first generated and edited with editors to play in flash.

A few examples of animated QR codes are dispalyed on the left side.

The first one show you the qr code bars coloring animation. The small colored qr code bars in this are travelling from one place to another. This can be one of the best for marketing any product. As if QR code is really giving ou content.



The Second one show you the QR code bars are thrown from out side and they are assembled in a place which forms the final QR code of website link. This can be very much useful for games website having games like shooting, fighting etc... The final will be the QR code which takes the guest to the mobile website.

To play the second QR code Animation, right click on it and click play.

You can contact me for generating animated QR codes of your data.


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